/F. Loop command: against a set of files - conditionally perform a command against each item. Syntax FOR /F ["options"] parameter IN filenameset DO By default, /F breaks up the line at each blanke " ", and any blank lines are skipped, this default parsing behavior can be changed by applying one or more of the . - for /f "delims=|" f in 'dir /b c:\ ' do echo f. Update 2: quick one year and a half after the original answer :- If the directory name itself has ae in the name, you can use the usebackq option on the for : for /f "usebackq delims=|" f in `dir /b "c:\program files"` do echo f. And if you need to use . - The general syntax of FOR /F commands, at least the part we are going toyze, is: FOR /F "tokens=n,m* delims=ccc" A IN 'some_command ' DO other_command A B C. Using an example, we are going to try and find a way to define values for tokens and delims. For our example, we are .DuI. I. H. ". . U. . V. b. u. V. U. UVc. cW. H. c. dW c. d. I. b. I. H. ` ` X. I. I. b. ` . U. I duIUc I. I. ` IU. U. U. ` WV I V. c. dI I. I. U. U. G. V. -. u. Q. u. u. e. . u. -. Q. Q. . . - s. f. s. o. . . . R. . . R. . . t. . ' R. . I. . . I. I. V. b. I. HbI. V. c. . I. U '. I. b. b. . U. . . U . H. . U. X. V. d. V. f. O. f. QQQ. u. ei. uo. R..

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